Monday, October 6, 2014

Cash back for Groceries rebates

Checkout 51  rebates for groceries, Min $20 cashout
Ibotta  Rebates for groceries, Min $5 paypal, venmo, giftcards
Shopmium (use code GGFFUKTC for free lindt bar), Paypal
Snap by Groupon. rebates for groceries, Min $20 cashout
Berrycart rebates for healthy groceries, Min $5 paypal, giftcards

If you don't find anything you like remember most rebates change weekly so keep trying!

Snap by Groupon - Save on Groceries

Groupon released this new app called Snap by Groupon it is similar to checkout 51 but also really like Ibotta. It is a rebate app for certain purchases. Some of the rebates are not limited per person and they are pretty high value for example my favorite is the $3 Huggies Diaper rebate. We hardly see high value huggies coupons be this much let alone being able to stack a coupon and the rebate unlimited amounts of times. The only bad thing is the cash out is minimum $20 and no gift card options but with the value of these rebates I am sure most of us will reach $20 in no time. I've submitted two receipts so far and it took about a day for them to approved. So far I like this app sign up here.

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Ibotta get cash rebates

Wow we have some great cash back rebates this month from Ibotta and an awesome team bonus. This month October the team bonus is going to allow us to get up to $20 in bonuses for completing the levels! If you haven't signed up yet you can sign up here and you will be added to my team. I've earned over $168 with this app it is definitely a keeper!

So it looks like these may be the levels 
Level 1 4 rebates $1 bonus
Level 2 3 rebates $1 bonus
Level 3 2 rebates $0.50 bonus 
Level 4 10 rebates ? bonus 
and there must be so many more levels.